The Conversations Workshop

Change the conversations, change the culture

Used effectively, conversations create a culture of engagement and commitment that fosters accountability. Skilled, authentic conversations can work for everyone in an organization to create powerful and enduring change. Manipulation and compliance is replaced by engaging hearts and minds to foster commitment and facilitate the creation and application of new knowledge for achieving business results. Using proven methods and techniques, workshop participants confront their own issues of personal accountability and develop skills for talking about work issues in a new and effective way. Skills emphasized and practiced in this workshop include:

  • Choosing consent and commitment over compliance
  • Confronting difficult issues
  • Dealing with individual performance
  • Proposing a change or initiating an ending
  • Acknowledging doubt and failure
  • Avoiding prescription by framing choices
  • Dealing with resistance
  • Taking the other person's side
  • Letting go and moving on

Time Investment

Two days

Who Should Attend

Everyone who works in an organization would benefit

NOTE: This workshop is also available in Spanish

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