Creating Cultures of Engagement and Commitment

Choosing accountability for business results

Each of us is confronted with a critical question that must be answered before any organizational transformation can take place: "Who is responsible and accountable for the success of this business?" Workshop participants begin to wrestle with the notion that true success lies in the answer: "I am." This workshop is about changing the way we conceive, organize, manage and structure our participation in organizations and emphasizes the importance of individual choice in making transformations. Accountability for organizational success is a choice for commitment, optimism and positive morale. Core concepts and skills are built on the idea that lasting change always springs from the individual level, and participants will learn about:

  • Developing the business case for choosing personal accountability
  • Developing your own personal case for choosing accountability
  • Confronting obstacles to making a choice for personal accountability
  • Engaging practical ways to embrace this choice and live it

Time Investment

Two days or customized delivery

Who Should Attend

Anyone serious about organizational change

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