Purpose and Profit: Building Parnership Capacity

Wide spread engagement for business success

Better business results can be tied to creating cultures of collaboration and commitment instead of relying on compliance, but that’s not the way most organizations have been conceived, structured or managed. Partnership requires a culture shift, which begins with making a personal commitment to choosing accountability for the success of the whole business. This workshop argues the business case for partnership as the means for increased business results and offers concrete steps for making it real. Participants learn the importance of changing conversations and deliberations, creating new management practices that support partnership and redesigning organizational architecture. The end result is an organization that widely distributes business literacy, choice and accountability and achieves greater success. Core concepts and skills include:

  • Embracing the business reasons for moving from a traditional managing strategy to partnership
  • Identifying steps for distributing organizational power
  • Defining the playing field for your organization
  • Creating business literacy and ways to sustain its distribution
  • Preparing for and practicing the key conversations
  • Renegotiating issues of control and consistency
  • Identifying steps for beginning the implementation of partnership

Time Investment

Two days

Who Should Attend

Managers and core workers engaged in changing their organizational units

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