Reinventing Staff Groups

Embracing the business-at-risk

Staff groups such as Human Resources, Finance, Engineering, Information Systems and others that support an organization’s core work can learn to expand their contribution by reinventing and redefining their expertise and organization in a way that more positively impacts business results. Participants explore ways to redefine expertise, and build capacity in core work through collaborative consulting. This workshop focuses on the challenges faced by every staff group – delivering highly valued expertise to clients while keeping a promise to the banker. Successfully managing this dynamic tension is the key being a successful staff group. Participants learn core concepts and practice skills such as:

  • Defining your expertise or technology
  • Identifying how expertise/technology builds client business capacity
  • Creating a compelling offer to the organization
  • Creating new methods to satisfy the organization’s demand for results
  • Designing new management practices that support these changes

Time Investment

Depends on organizational needs, generally 1 – 3 days

Who Should Attend

Benefits anyone in, or responsible for, internal staff groups

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