Business Unit Development

Business results through engagement

Whole system change can be accomplished one business unit at a time. Business Unit Development challenges the inherited, limiting belief that effective change must start at the top of an organization. Using expert consultation and customized workshops, the six-stage Business Unit Development Process focuses on evoking the inherent talent and energy of everyone who touches the work, from bankers to customers, managers to workers. Outcomes include practical ways to broadly distribute business literacy, choice, accountability and competence among all stakeholders to better serve the whole business. Core concepts learned and skills practiced include:

  • Applying the six stages of Unit Development
  • Dealing with the difficult choices for sustaining change
  • Dealing directly with the emotional issues associated with change
  • Creating sustainable methods for distributing business literacy
  • Redesigning the major deliberation forums and processes
  • Redesigning management practices in support of partnership
  • Redesigning structure, staff groups, business processes, etc.
  • Starting where you are, not redoing what is already working

Time Investment

Customized delivery depending on organizational needs

Who Should Attend

Everyone who wants to improve business results for their units would benefit.

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