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A New Accountability

New Conversations

Reinventing Human Resources

Reinventing Human Resources
Choosing To Become A Business At Risk!

New Conversations

hat's required is for HR to answer this question, "What is the core competence we lay claim to that we believe will build and sustain the business we serve?"

Engaging this question creates difficult conversations for Human Resources. Purposes and methods on which HR has historically relied, no longer carry the value to the organization they once did.

In our experience, these discussions lead HR units to conclude that reconstructing themselves requires:

  • Defining its expertise and how it builds the capacity of clients.

  • The willingness to put themselves on-the-line by promising real business impact and backing those promises with a guarantee.

  • Recognizing that the relevance of its old technologies is slipping in today's business environment.

  • Creating new technologies and methods that contribute to outcomes clients demand.

  • Recognizing individual HR professionals must come to terms with demands to build their expertise.


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