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A Business-at-Risk

Relevance, Timeliness and Fit

Consulting Skills:
Staff Groups Choosing To Create A Consulting Business


One client's response to a rule bound, impassive bureaucracy:

Before you ever name me anything -- before you conceive of ways to understand me, I am in the world with choices to make and a future to create. Before I am an employee, a client, part of a process or system -- before I am anything you say about me, I am in the world deciding what to make of my life. I decide what to make of you and what you propose to me. I decide the meaning and the significance you and your ideas will have in my life. I will choose my response to you. You cannot demand my commitment, passion or determine my destiny. These things are in my hands. I alone choose.

ore is asked of service and staff groups. Oversight and transaction management are no longer enough. The new emphasis is on consulting. It requires new relationships and innovative expertise.

In both the private and public sectors, demands for positive and demonstrable results are persistent and universal. Clients are seeking a more compelling and credible offer from those who provide services, expertise and resources. For example, in Rehabilitation Service's informed choice initiative success with clients is now measured by how well each person realizes his or her potential rather than by how many are placed in entry level jobs. There is no place to hide from these changes. Safety within the boundaries of large corporations or government bureaucracies is no longer possible.


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