Henning-Showkeir & Associates

Henning-Showkeir & Associates formed in April 2000. Over the last ten years we built a strong personal friendship and close professional ties.

We are dedicated to building the capacity of organizations to succeed in the marketplace through the delivery of practical workshops and powerful consulting services. The promise to impact organizational results through the application of our expertise is the heart of our offer to clients. It is backed by a guarantee.

We seek to work with individuals and organizations that care about making a difference in the world while fully recognizing their accountability to a "bottom line" and practical results. We believe the clash between pragmatism and idealism is not an either-or choice.

The goal is to reconcile and harmonize the demand for profit and results with the wish for meaning and a worthy life. We believe that it is in the resolution of this conflict that both great economic opportunity and powerful personal fulfillment are possible. We seek to work with individuals and organizations that are in pursuit of the same goal.

The resolution will stretch our imagination and call on us to think in ways that are both unfamiliar and disquieting. We will be called upon to forsake old scripts and trusted wisdom that tells us:

  • profit will be compromised in the face of concern for the individual.

  • respect for the individual will be compromised in the face of too much concern for profit.

  • a relentless focus on compliance, consolidating power and "holding people accountable" is at the heart of successful organizations.

New thinking does not come easily. None of us readily jettisons ideas we have mastered, taught and trusted. Yet we will be forever stuck in the limitations of our thinking if we cannot break out and entertain the possibility that both profit and respect for the individual are compromised when we define them as opponents. We will only realize what is possible when we recognize that:

  • affirming the freedom of individuals to choose and seek meaningful work is the key to profit and success in the marketplace.

  • assertively pursuing profit and success in the marketplace requires and invites the passion and commitment of the individual.

  • a relentless focus on commitment, distributing power and individuals choosing accountability for the whole business is at the heart of business success.

The promise and guarantee of Henning-Showkeir is to produce results based upon this thinking and the supporting business arguments. This thinking is embedded in our products and services.

We believe the most powerful client-consultant relationships are based on collaboration in gathering data, defining problems, seeking solutions and all other dimensions of the working relationship. We seek to establish the conditions for collaboration from initial contact.

We believe it is critical to the successful use of our expertise that together with the client we assess the relevance, timeliness and fit of our thinking, products and services to the client's circumstances. Therefore we take time at the beginning of a potential consulting relationship to gather data that gives us both a clear picture of the potential for success.

We believe that almost any use of our expertise requires modification or customization in unique circumstances -- and almost all circumstances are unique. Therefore we strive to customize our recommendations in order to have maximum positive impact on a client's capacity to succeed.

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