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A Business-at-Risk

Relevance, Timeliness and Fit

Consulting Skills:
Staff Groups Choosing To Create A Consulting Business

A Business-at-Risk

n this new world we believe the most useful way for both government and private sector service groups to see themselves is as a business-at-risk in a free marketplace with clients to serve and a "banker" to satisfy. The client is the core worker in the private sector. In the public sector it will range from the ordinary citizen to specific groups of people whom an agency exists to serve. The banker is usually management, which extends the assets to sustain a staff function. In this new framework unusual questions emerge.

  • What is our technology or expertise?

  • What are the business results we are promising?

  • What makes our offer unique?

Success will require that service groups make and keep promises. To do so they must be able to assess the match between themselves and the client on three grounds: relevance, timeliness and fit.


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