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A Business-at-Risk

Relevance, Timeliness and Fit

Consulting Skills:
Staff Groups Choosing To Create A Consulting Business

Relevance, Timeliness and Fit

Relevance is about the usefulness and power of their expertise. Are there clear opportunities for the client to build and extend their capacity for success through the use of our technology?

Timeliness is the issue of attention. Is the client so distracted that there is little chance they will give the attention needed to successfully transfer expertise?

Fit focuses on the use of staff expertise. Will the client use the expertise in a way that contributes to positive results?

The Consulting Model

Contracting Stage
Forging a Working
Implementation Stage
Fulfilling the Promise
or Living with the
Discovery Stage
Finding Opportunities
to Use Expertise
Feedback Stage
Negotiating the Application
of Expertise


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