Henning-Showkeir & Associates

Jamie has over 25 years experience in education, management and organization development. His work is focused on developing organizations as communities of people where accountability for success is chosen by all. Working in education, non-profit and large corporations, he treats the organization - its people - as partners in creating powerful personal learning and growth experiences that directly impact business results.

Jamie worked at the Buick/UAW Employee Development Center, TRW, and Ford Motor Company in various management and organization development positions, working extensively in labor-management partnerships and Joint programs. He served as President of the Autism Society of Michigan and has devoted considerable consulting time and energy to a variety of other non-profit organizations. Jamie was Dean of the School for Managing and Leading Change, which provides in-depth, long-term learning experiences where distributing power is the basis for managing, organizing and structuring successful businesses.

Jamie's clients span a variety of commercial markets. They include: First Union, 3M, Ford, Philadelphia Electric Co., Tucson Electric Power, The Miami Herald Publishing Co., Philadelphia Newspapers Inc., San Luis Obispo Herald-Tribune, Knight-Ridder Inc., Hewlett Packard, Benedictine Health System, Cigna, Kaiser-Permanente, Trignon Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Met Life, British Airways, and The FAA.

Jamie's work is grounded in the belief that the individual's life-world experience is the essence of reality. In order for organizations to change the first person experience must be engaged. This engagement requires intentionally distributing organization power and confronting issues of accountability and choice.

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