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Kevin believes that each organization exists, not as a sterile, corporeal entity, but as a collection of individuals arranged into social systems to effectively respond to the demands of a marketplace. As such, organizations, which are made up of people, are limited in achieving success primarily by the internal systems that engage the individuals.

For nearly 20 years, Kevin has worked with organizations to create systems and cultures that enable personal commitment, inspire achievement, and create astounding success for all. He was involved in the total transformation of Magma Copper Company, a textbook phenomenon that created a unique union-management partnership and a workforce that consistently set new industry standards for productivity and profitability. While at Magma, Kevin worked with the Lower Kalamazoo project leadership team to create a future for the world's largest underground copper mine nearing the end of its existence. Once production began, the Lower Kalamazoo was able to produce at 20% lower cost than the depleting mine and at nearly half the cost of mine production a few years earlier.

Kevin's graduate school experience in organizational behavior and human resource management at the University of Illinois, along with undergraduate work in organizational psychology and Japanese, provided him with a meaningful structure for analyzing and understanding processes and systems commonly applied to a variety of organizational contexts.

Kevin's work as a manager and consultant in various organizations and industries has provided him with considerable experience creating positive organizational change. He has managed comprehensive large-scale change engagements, developed individual capability to meet marketplace demands at all levels from line worker to corporate executive, transformed ineffective leadership and work groups into highly successful teams, and created human resource systems to energize personal fulfillment and business results.

The essence of Kevin's work in transforming organizations - discovering possibilities for a prodigious future; enabling individual choice, commitment, and drive; and aligning organization practices with espoused strategic intent - is to satisfy personal needs and objectives for organizational success.

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