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Our Commitment

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Building the
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Letting Go of Old Arguments

How We Want to Work with Our Clients

How We Want to
  Work with Clients

e believe the most powerful client-consultant relationships are based on collaboration in gathering data, defining problems, seeking solutions and all other dimensions of the working relationship. We seek to establish the conditions for collaboration from initial contact.

We believe it is critical to the successful use of our expertise that together with the client we assess the relevance, timeliness and fit of our thinking, products and services to the client's circumstances. Therefore we take time at the beginning of a potential consulting relationship to gather data that gives us both a clear picture of the potential for success.

We believe that almost any use of our expertise requires modification or customization in unique circumstances -- and almost all circumstances are unique. Therefore we strive to customize our recommendations in order to have maximum positive impact on a client's capacity to succeed.


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