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Change the Conversation
- Change the Culture


e believe there are three areas on which to concentrate when encouraging the transformation of ordinary conversations into powerful tools of change. The first is to make explicit commitments supporting conversations that encourage everyone to take accountability for the whole and bring heart, hands and mind to work. To make the value of these commitments explicit is to embed them in the policies, practices and pronouncements of the organization. This workshop identifies various methods for doing this. The commitments that make a difference advocate:

  • Embracing Accountability for The Whole

  • Choosing Engagement over Manipulation

  • Affirming Others as Free and Accountable

  • Willingness to Put Relationships at Risk

  • Choosing Consent and Commitment over Compliance

  • Using Language for Disclosure Rather than Effect

  • Choosing Contribution Over Cynicism

  • Willingness to Grieve


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