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Kevin Herring

Ascent Management Consulting

Kevin Herring is president of Ascent Management Consulting, co-founder of Avotte and co-author with James D. Showkeir of Practical Guide fo Internal Consultants, a groundbreaking set of tools for human resources, accounting, information technology and other staff functions.

A recognized expert in organization leadership and workplace effectiveness, Kevin has spent 20 years helping organizations succeed in the marketplace by developing leaders that truly lead, creating workplace cultures of innovation and commitment, transforming staff groups into value-adding consultants and challenging practices that block effective business execution. He has a MA in Organizational Behavior from the University of Illinois and BA degrees in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Japanese from the University of Minnesota.

Patrick J. Banks
Banks International

Patrick J. Banks has more than 35 years experience in business consulting. He is president of Banks International, whose expertise is corporate culture change and leadership development. Banks International specializes in the Functional (how things are done) and Social (how people interact). The thrust of his work centers around helping organizations become healthier, more efficient, flexible, adaptable, and achieve excellent long-term economic performance. By uncovering, addressing, and changing the values and assumptions that drive counterproductive behaviors in organizations, the culture evolves around a healthier set of values and assumptions that translate into measurable and significant improvements in productivity, quality, delivery, customer service, cost management, company-union relationships and employee morale. Pat earned his BS degree in Engineering Sciences & Technologies from Sussex College of Technology in Sussex, England. He has Masters degree equivalent in Instructional Technologies from the Institute of Applied Aerospace Sciences and holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Behaviour from Brantridge University in Sussex England.
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