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Managing Partner

Maren is adept at navigating international and multicultural environments and building relationships that facilitate knowledge sharing. She believes strongly that the only true advantage any enterprise has is its people, and her management philosophy throughout her career has been grounded in the notion that distributing literacy, choice and accountability helps to build the ability of people to collaborate and achieve success. She has extensive experience planning, organizing, developing materials and delivering workshops in both English and Spanish.

She began her career in the media, and has worked for more than 25 years as a journalist, editor and manager at major-market newspapers in Arizona and Florida. Her passion as a manager involved creating autonomous work teams that could deliver strategic business solutions and better serve customers. As a Knight Fellow for the International Center for Journalists from 2003-2005, Maren taught senior-level journalism classes at private universities in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Lima, Peru. She also consulted with print and broadcast journalists in those countries and in Venezuela, and developed and taught workshops in the provinces of Peru.

Maren joined henning-showkeir & associates as a partner in October 2005, and is involved in all aspects of managing the business and working with clients. Jamie and Maren are currently writing a book about using new, authentic workplace conversations that emphasize adult cultures and personal accountability to improve business results.

During her journalism career, she authored award winning stories as a reporter, and as an editor, directed several award-winning projects through collaboration with reporters, editors and page designers. She served on the national board of the American Association of Sunday and Features Editors, where she helped develop and deliver regional workshops and plan national conferences. She also worked for three years on the southeast regional steering committee for the National Writers Workshop.

She and Jamie were married in 2006. Together they have four grown children. She enjoys traveling, reading, dancing and cooking, and is a certified yoga instructor.
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