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Backing our work
with a promise and a guarantee.

Our commitment to results is always backed with a guarantee. If we don’t deliver the agreed upon business results, you don’t pay our fees.

It’s that simple.

Our consulting strategy centers on collaboration and partnership in designing change strategies and delivering the expertise you need to achieve concrete, measurable business results. At henning-showkeir & associates, we are always committed to:
  • Building your capacity to succeed in today's complex, demanding marketplace.
  • Collaborating with you in every phase of our work: design, development, implementation and outcomes.
  • Offering you innovative, powerful methods that increase competence and accountability and are directly tied to improving your business results.
  • Telling you the truth when our expertise is not relevant and helping you find the resources you need.
  • Raising, with goodwill, the difficult issues.
We believe the most powerful client-consultant relationships are based on collaboration in gathering data, defining problems and seeking solutions. Our goal is to establish a relationship based on collaboration from initial contact.

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