WEBLOG Archive May 2009


What do we like about Stew Friedman, (who Jamie met while he was doing consulting work at Ford Motor company many years ago)? Well, for starters, Friedman believes the best leaders “act with authenticity.” And that starts with clarifying what’s important, seeing the whole person at work — worker, colleague, member of a family and of a community — and treating them with integrity and respect.

Stewart, who learned lessons about listening as a former cab driver, directs the Wharton Work/Life Integration project at University of Pennsylvania. He…


We have a list of manipulative language techniques that we developed from 25 years of experience with organizations, which we use in our workshops and incorporated into the book. It includes techniques such as intentional deception, disguised agendas, name-dropping and spinning information. We’ve never claimed it to be comprehensive, but even so, we were surprised to have missed one so obvious—bullying.

Backlash: Women Bullying Women”, an article in the New York Times business section, made us realize it belongs on the list. The report…