WEBLOG Archive April 2009


Barbara Rose Johnston, an environmental anthropologist at the Center for Political Ecology, was a featured speaker at the recent 5th Water World Forum last month in Turkey. The mission of the forum, held every three years, is to “address growing water scarcity, the risk of conflict as countries squabble over rivers, lakes and aquifers, and how to provide clean water and sanitation to billions.”

Johnston’s accounts of her experience in Water Culture Wars are interesting and instructive, including this excerpt:

 “I arrived here on a Monday to…


The air had been recently cleansed by rain, the sun was shining, the temperature was mild. It was a made-to-order beautiful morning when Jamie and I faced each other three years ago and committed spending the rest of our lives together.  

We both had been married before, and neither of us took the ceremony nor the commitment lightly. We invested significant time and discussion creating our own vows, because they would articulate the vision of the life and relationship we intended to create together. 

During a workshop we did last week, one man…