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Creating and applying new knowledge for results

Most can easily recognize the limitations inherent in traditional meetings comprised of small groups usually convened by rank and function. Deliberation Design focuses on creating large group meetings where people from throughout the “system”, regardless of rank or function, are brought together to discuss real issues and make decisions that can be rapidly implemented. These powerful learning experiences create business literacy, broaden accountability, deepen commitment and greatly accelerate implementation of change. Combined with conversations designed for engagement, the use of new deliberation methods is a potent tool for building the capacity of both the individual and the organization to succeed. Core concepts learned and skills practiced include:
  • Discovering what the “whole system” looks like
  • Determining how to best get a microcosm of that system in the room
  • Designing effective methods for managing large group deliberations
  • Preparing single and multi-day agendas that engage all who are present
  • Creating an internal capacity to carry this methodology forward after consultants leave
Customized delivery based on organizational needs

Senior, mid-level and front line managers and others responsible for leading change efforts.

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