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henning-showkeir & associates, inc. is a full-service organizational development and change consulting business. All our efforts are aimed at a single essential objective: Helping you harmonize the demand for business results with creating a culture where individuals find meaning and purpose in what they do.

To realize this for your organization, we work from a specific point of view. Our consulting and training services are designed to distribute organizational power and develop a Partnership orientation toward managing your business. Our experience shows today’s global, demanding and competitive marketplace makes this an imperative to achieving outstanding, lasting business results.

Lasting success for your business can be found in building business literacy, providing choice and fostering individual accountability for the success of the whole. People who are knowledgeable and engaged will be committed to and accountable for improving profit, quality, cycle time and customer service.

Our consulting services include:

  • Business Unit Development
  • Customized facilitation
  • Developing labor/management partnerships
  • Moving to a Collaborative Culture
  • Change management
Our consulting will help you realize results. If we don’t deliver on our promise, you don’t pay the fees.

Please contact us for more information.
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