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Working with henning-showkeir & associates always comes with a promise and a guarantee. If promised results are not delivered, our guarantee is that you don’t have to pay.

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurial start-ups and nonprofits.  We also work with educational enterprises and community organizations. Whether large or small, the companies we work with are looking to boost personal accountability. We can help organizations “grow up” by creating adult work cultures, which puts accountability for improved business performance at the heart of every employee’s decision-making.

Our clients frequently remark about how accessible we are. When you call henning-showkeir & associates, you will speak to one of the Managing Partners, Jamie or Maren Showkeir. If you reach voicemail, your call will be returned by the end of the next business day.

Sometimes people call with a general problem — such as a stalled change effort, or a desire to enhance employee morale and increase productivity. Other times, people want help with a specific issue. People ask about designing or re-designing the organization to improve efficiency and customer service. Perhaps they need to redesign a flawed work process. Or maybe a leadership team is fractured because members won’t tell each other the truth or collaborate. Frequently calls come in from folks who have read Authentic Conversations, and are curious about how the ideas and concepts could work in their organizations.

Our primary focus is on five essential success factors:

  1. Who has access to information in your organization?
  2. Where are key decisions made about how work gets done?
  3. How do people get access to resources to make decisions real?
  4. What skills and competencies are needed to carry out the work?
  5. Who sees themselves as accountable for the business’s success?

You may already have the answers to some of these questions. If you don’t, we have the experience and expertise to help you determine where you are now and where you want to go. We can assist in identifying specific, measurable outcomes and collaborate with you on ways to achieve them.

After 25 years of helping organizations manage complex change, we’ve learned that good results are tied to the number of people involved in the organization’s change effort.  Work may begin with a core leadership team or a key department, but one of the main goals is to continually expand involvement in the change process. 

In addition to accelerating improved results, this helps the entire organization develop resiliency and commitment, react quickly to necessary change, and resolve demanding issues. We believe that everyone in the organization — top to bottom and side to side — should be 100 percent responsible for making the organization successful.

Our aim is to transfer expertise to your organization so that you can improve key measures in quality, cycle time, customer response, sustainability and profitability. To that end, we are working hard to put ourselves out of a job.

Our consulting strategy centers on collaboration and partnership in designing change strategies and delivering the expertise you need to achieve concrete, measurable business results. Our commitment is to:
  • Build your capacity to succeed in today's complex, demanding marketplace
  • Collaborate with you in every phase of our work: design, development, implementation and outcomes
  • Offer you innovative, powerful methods to increase competence and accountability directly tied to improving business results
  • Telling you the truth when our expertise is not relevant and helping you find the resources you need
  • Raising, with goodwill, the difficult issues
We believe the most powerful client-consultant relationships are based on collaboration in gathering data, defining problems and seeking solutions, and our goal is to establish these conditions for collaboration from initial contact.

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